Wild Alive – A poem by Caroline Kane

Caroline Kane


September 20, 2020

wild alive poem scenic stream ireland
Summerhill, Co.Meath

Heed the call of your wild self in any way you can.

Immerse yourself in the lushness of woodland. Feel at one with its sensual delights and familiar trees.

Manoeuver with presence around the thorns and brambles to find berries. They offer a natural sweetness you crave.

Walk along the Ocean and call your name aloud. Witness your soul dance and soar across the vastness to the rolling accompaniment of the wind and waves.

Collapse your life weary body against a standing stone in some remote place. Feel enlivened by the ecstatic pulse of ancestors as the chant and dance and drum. They claim you and call you to show up the truth of all you are.

Feel soothing kisses of the cold wind as it meets the pain and heat of your tears. Surrender to the solace, clarity and courage found beneath them.

Find steady feet on a cliff face once again, facing yet another unknown terrain. Recall blessings of encouragement offered to you by rare and precious beings. Dare to believe in yourself now as much as they did then.

Slea Head, Co. Kerry

Be inspired by the gold, the wisdom, strength and grit. You unearthed that treasure as you crawled about in dark caves and lonely places back along the way.

Look toward the call of the buzzards as they glide overhead. Lay to rest all that weighs you down, to take flight as you were born to do.

Heed the call of your wild self and come to know just how loved and treasured you are.


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Caroline Kane

lomi lomi massage meath

I am a Holistic Massage Therapist and Lomi Lomi Practitioner working from a tranquil space in the beautiful village of Summerhill. I have always had an interest in Holistic health and wellness. I consider massage to be a necessity for healing and a gateway to a healthier, happier life. I base this on my experience of healing in my own life.

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